"An ounce of prevention is worth
a pound of cure."
ben franklin
Overpayments cost the insurance
industry billions each year.
Overpayments. The losses begin when the payment is issued and
then continue to build through the recovery phase. It's called "Pay and Chase",
and even the smallest error can end up costing your company big.
Pre-Game spots and prevents
overpayments BEFORE they happen.
Pre-Game is our newest advanced auditing application yet.
Say goodbye to "pay and chase." What makes Pre-Game unique
is it's ability to prevent overpayments before they are paid.
Sound complicated? It's not.
Pre-Game is easy to use.
Claim Adjudication
Adjudicated claims ready
for payment
Pre-Game Application
Prevents Overpayments
Identifies Underpayments
Insures Compliance
Internal Audit
Remediates Overpayments,
Underpayments and
Compliance issues
Clean Claims
Released for payment
Pre-Game is a cloud based solution with nothing for you to install. It is totally
customizable to meet your specific needs.We provide all training services,
technical support and all the resources of our experienced team.
Pre-Game saves you money. A LOT of money.
Pre-Game prevents costly overpayments, reduces labor-intensive claim rework.

What makes Pre-game even more valuable is it's flexibility. To insure
inconsistencies don't become chronic problems we'll customize
Pre-Game's advanced capabilities to meet your needs.
Here's what they're saying about Pre-Game
"What do our clients like most about Pre-Game? Simple. It saves them money. A lot of money”
-Jim Neary President End-Game Strategy
"End-Game Strategy get's it. They know the business and are agile enough to react quickly to change”
-Vice President Claim Operation
“Why make mistakes and then pay even more to fix them?
Pre-Game spots the problem before we write the check;
saving us millions every year”
-Director Cost Containment
Innovative thinking is at the
forefront of our service
30 Years of experience went in to making Pre-Game,
our most advanced application yet.

As our reputation has grown, so has our product lineup. In 2002 we launched a data mining
application using exclusive technology developed by our team to prevent overpayments.

Today, we’re proud to say we continue to deliver savings to some of the largest health payors in the business.
Say "hello" to Pre-Game and "goodbye"
to pay and chase for good.
To learn more about Pre-Game, contact our sales team: